Thursday, June 27, 2013

Book Review of Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness

Shadow of Night is the second book of the All Souls Trilogy. Book two is spent back in 1590. Matthew and Diana travel back to London to hopefully find a witch who can help Diana learn to control her witchcraft and find Ashmole 782. They start out in London where we meet historical figures like Christopher Marlowe, who is a daemon, and extremely jealous of Diana. Other key characters of that time Thomas Harriott, George Chapman, Walter Raleigh, are all friends of Matthew and make up The School of Night. 
Diana and Matthew go to Sept Tours in France where Matthew is from. This time we meet Matthew's father Philippe. At first he is overbearing and doesn't agree with his son's relationship with a witch, but Diana wins him over. He is a powerful vampire and many respect the patriarch of de Clermont. If I had to cast Matthew's father and nephew Gallowglass I would take from the movie Braveheart. During the visit we experience a vampire wedding, and yes, finally a honeymoon. 
When they travel back to London they meet Queen Elizabeth. Matthew has a special relationship with the queen as a spy. The Queen sends Matthew to Prague on an assignment. There they meet King Rudolf, the Holy Roman Emperor. Matthew becomes jealous of the Emperor's obsession over Diana. He compares her to goddess Diana. They find Ashmole 782 and learn there are many secrets hidden inside the book. 
Diana and Matthew's entourage almost become a little family. Annie and Jack are like adopted children. 
Back in London Diana meets with a group of witches who help her understand her special powers as a weaver. 
My favorite part is when Diana meets up with her own father, who happens to be a time traveler like herself. I considered book two as the "father" book.

This is a well-written story with many true historical figures all intertwined in a vampire/witch forbidden love story.

Diana Bishop is compared to goddess Diana