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THE HUNGER GAMES celebration! Free book giveaway

In celebration of The Hunger Games coming to theaters on March 23rd, we're giving away three free books about another strong female who is also crafty with her bow and arrow -  ZENOBIA!!!

If you want to read the book review go to ZENOBIA - Birth of a Legend Book review 

Welcome Russ Wallace to my first author interview and book giveaway.

JMW - I'm always afraid to write historical fiction but I love reading it, did you find it challenging to make sure you stayed true to that time?

RW -  Some. We instinctively know our own world, naturally, since we have lived in it. I constantly had to think, What was it like in Zenobia's world? It did get easier.

JMW - What is your favorite book or website to research for your book?

RW - Google. However, I found a lot of excellent historical books.

JMW - Do you outline or do you write out of order?

RW - Out of order. I jump around according to what I feel like writing. This did create some inconsistencies that we had to edit out.

JMW - Zenobia is an amazing historical figure, and I'm surprised I never heard about her until your book, how did you first find the story of Zenobia?

RW - A Watchtower article back in 1999 originally triggered my interest. 

JMW - What made you want to become a writer?

RW - I loved fiction books even as a young child. My mother read to us a lot. In grade school I wrote some fiction, which my classmates generally liked. But for some reason, which I can't explain, I never wrote seriously. The first book I began was Deluge, a novel about Noah, his family, the pre-Flood world, and the Flood itself. I do intend to finish it eventually. Zenobia - Birth of a Legend is my first published novel.

JMW - I felt your story got into Zenobia's head very well, did you find it difficult to write from the point of a young girl?

RW - No, and I cannot explain why except that I have a vivid imagination. As you know, some authors write from the viewpoint of a dog or a cat!

JMW - I'm a horse lover and I enjoyed the strong bond that horse and rider develop, was this based off of your own experience?

RW - Only a little. Growing up we had our needs met, but not a lot of extras, so I enjoyed horses mainly in books. Also, my dad had been raised on a farm and told horse stories. We liked to watch them in parades and on visits to farms. And I got information from some cowboys I met.

JMW - The race at the end of the book was so vivid I thought I was at Churchills Downs watching a race live, how did you get yourself in that moment?

RW - Imagination. That part of writing, for me anyway, is a gift more than an acquired skill. The challenge is finding the best way to express it. I wrote and rewrote and edited and edited the race, as more ideas occurred to me.

Thank you Russ! 

Russ is offering three free, autographed copies of  Zenobia - Birth of a Legend  to some lucky people whose names will be drawn on March 23rd (opening day of The Hunger Games!!)There are three ways you can enter (and yes, that means you can enter three times if you do one each of the following) each way will have one book given away free with free shipping.

(1) Go to, Russ Wallace’s website and comment that you read the interview. Make sure you include your email address so we can let you know you won. 

(2) "Like" Geode Press facebook page, www.facebook/ (if you post a comment saying you read the interview, that will help let us know to enter your name in the drawing.) Feel free to ask any question you may have about ZENOBIA, Russ Wallace, or publishing. 

3) Leave a question or comment below about my interview with Russ Wallace, please include your email.  

That’s all there is to it! You can enter once, twice, or by all three methods. Just be sure to enter by March 23rd on the day of The Hunger Games premier, contest ends at midnight PST. 

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY Prize: 1 autographed copy of Zenobia- Birth of a Legend, by Russ Wallace, retail value $24.99.Winners will be selected on March 23rd. Winners have 48 hours to respond to the email notifying them of their win. Prizes not claimed within 48 hours will be re-rewarded. 
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Anonymous said...

Excellent interview.... makes me want to read the book... I hope I win

JulieWallace said...
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JulieWallace said...

I hope you win too but you'll have to give me your name and how to contact you....:) but thanks for the read.

Holly said...

Great interview! I am going to read the book - I already have it. I want to read that horse race, sounds exciting.

Debra Jayne East said...

I am so inspired by someone who remembers reading as a child! Mothers have a great influence over their children from a young age. I read the interview and it was awesome! I will be thrilled to read his book.You may contact me at