Friday, April 13, 2012

A modern day Pride and Prejudice

Book review “Echoes of Pemberley” by Cynthia Ingram Hensley

This story would make Jane Austen proud. What a fun story to read about Mr. Darcy’s descendants who now occupy the famous Pemberley, where Elizabeth Bennet first fell in love with her Mr. Darcy.

Bennet and Catie Darcy were orphaned eight years ago by their father. Catie never knew her mother who died during childbirth. They now live with Bennet’s wife Sarah and twin boys George and Geoffrey. Catie has lived a sheltered life and Bennet became like a Dad to her. She looked up to him and wanted to please him. At age 16, Catie’s starting to come into her own and now she and Bennet are always butting heads. Bennet insists Catie take riding lessons over her summer break to improve her skills. Sean Kelly from Ireland, the nephew of Catie’s nanny Rose, has been summons to do the job. Sean isn’t looking forward to training Catie because she’s spoiled and hard headed. Catie takes an instant disliking to Sean. He’s another man trying to boss her around.

Catie finds a secret hiding spot where an old diary and letters were kept. It’s from her ancestor Mary Darcy who lived in Pemberley during WWI. As Catie reads about Mary’s secret love affair she can’t help fanaticizes about her own love story. When Catie shows the letters to Bennet it helps him through a difficult financial issue but he doesn’t show any thanks to Catie.
After spending all summer together Catie starts to fall for Sean Kelly and Sean starts seeing Catie’s as more than just a rich girl but a beautiful women. Sean and Catie live in two different worlds and it can never work. Bennet tries to steer Catie’s interests to some of the more affluent young men. Aiden comes from a rich family and is all charm. He takes an instant liking to Catie. Thankful they no longer have arranged marriages but Catie knows she is expected to do the right thing as a Darcy.  If she chooses Sean she will be the talk of the town. And does Sean even return her love? 

Catie grows in one summer leaps and bounds as she faces heartbreak and the importance of overcoming her fears.

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