Friday, March 9, 2012

Book Review - Zenobia - Birth of a Legend

In the 3rd century of Syria, the story begins with Zenobia’s birth. Her mother wisely hides her gender to save her life. Zenobia is raised as a boy, giving her the training and skills to become a great warrior. When her true gender is revealed, the leaders of the tribe are impressed with Zenobia's archery skills and intelligence, they let her live. This novel follows Zenobia's life in her early informative years. Her fast reflexes with her bow and arrow save her life from a tiger attack. When she competes against other skilled men in an archery competition, they are surprised that a girl can hit her target with such ease. As she grows into a beautiful woman, a budding romance with a local tribe boy develops. Her mother, like any other mother has much higher expectations for her daughter. She takes Zenobia to Egypt to broaden her mind with many thought provoking classes. Zenobia is drawn to another male dominated competition but this time in a horse race. She’s up against those who would do anything to prevent her from finishing the race. It’s a nail biting fight to the end.

I’m in awe of the main character; you can’t help root for the strong-willed girl to survive and conquer. What's also great about this story is you’re getting a history lesson and you don't even know it. Russ Wallace captures the time and shows you firsthand the challenges the people face. You’ll experience the struggles a woman has in a male dominated world. This story will motivate you to know more about the true historical person Zenobia. I can’t wait until the release of book two, Zenobia – Challenging a Legend, as this is just the beginning of the amazing life that Zenobia will lead.

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Debra Jayne East said...

I love strong women characters.I can't wait to read this book!!!