Saturday, August 21, 2010

So we are only days away before the 3rd book of Hunger Games comes out. I'm reading the first two over again with my husband. I'm on pins and needles. I'm torn on how I want it to turn out. I can't even imagine how the author will wrap up the story. I like Peeta and Gale and don't know who I want Katniss to end up with. Maybe the author is one of those that doesn't give us a happy ending and then who knows what we will get. I had been so upset when i finished book 2 the first time as we were left in the middle of the conflict not knowing what would happen next. This is a dangerous thing to do as a writer, I think. I have put a book down to never read another thing by the author again because I don't like it when they try to manipulate me to read their next book. If I'm not invested enough in the character then I don't care what happens to them . But these books I'm invested and need to know what happens to Katniss and the districts and will they over throw the Capital? So well done Suzanne Collins you've kept me wanting more. There was a time when i wanted to send her hate mail because her website didn't even say when book three was coming out. But with it only days away I'm looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.
Here's to good reads!

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JulieWallace said...

I never gave my book review of Mocking Jay the 3rd book in Suzanne Collins series. But to put it plainly I was not impressed. It seemed rushed at the end. All see needed to do to keep me happy was write the scene out where Peeta ask, "You love me true or false?" Don't tell me show me that scene it would have been a great book. But if your ending is lacking it makes the whole series a bit of a flop. I hate to say it but I wasn't happy. But I'm hoping when the movie comes out that the screenwriters are smart enough to give us what we need.