Friday, April 6, 2012

Bookstore events

Bookstore events and book signings haven't completely gone away in this digital world, right? 

Jason and I are helping my father n law organize a bookstore event at the end of April in Mesa, Arizona. More information to come on that in a future blog.

Russ Wallace is the author of ZENOBIA-Birth of a Legend. It's a Young Adult Historical Fiction that follows ZENOBIA in her pursuit of justice. The complete series will cover how ZENOBIA becomes a Warrior and a Queen. In book one you get to know ZENOBIA and her great strength. As a true historical figure you can't help look to her as a role model that we can all champion.

Did I spark your interest? Want to read more? To purchase or to read sample chapters, go to:

Back to the bookstore event , I'm no marketing pro but  reading blogs and different articles have given me some great ideas. I found one article about bookstore events and thought I'd share with you.

"How to have a successful Bookstore event"- by Melissa M. Williams from the IBPA magazine

      ·         Announce a schedule of activities that will happen throughout the day to keep the fans there.
      ·        Months before – let manager know what you will need day of your event.
      ·         Never rely on the bookstore to market for you, but do ask the manager to take fliers you will provide and display them on the counter a week or two before your event.
  •  Also, talk with the manager about realistic numbers of books to order.
  • Weeks before treat your event like a huge party or fundraiser. If you’re excited about your book, the energy will be contagious.
  • Create a standout flyer that can be posted and attached to email announcements. The flyer should include an image of the book along with information about it and a list of activities that will take place at the bookstore event.
  • Order giveaways, such as posters of your book cover, bookmarks, or character stickers.
  • Have posters and bookmarks made ahead of time (sites like offer good quality at a good rate, and they are quick). *I also found a good print company called*
  • Utilize every major social media outlet. Invite all your facebook friends to your event individually and also make the event public. It is very important to do both.
  • Create a blog post with all the details of the event, and ask you colleges to link to it on their facebook walls.
  • Submit an article to local publications in the bookstores area. Send an announcement to your contact through an email blast program like Constant Contact.
  • Send direct and personalized emails to people who bought your earlier books and people who have hosted previous events with you.
  • Send a press release to media outlets in the area, including radio, TV, magazines, and newspapers.
  • Paid for advertising in local city magazine and neighborhood newsletters.
  • Saturate the market, make the event stand out.
  • On the day of the event, take pictures and let everyone know the photographs will be posted on your blog and/ or website (this is an easy way to build traffic). And always bring picture release forms and get them signed.
  • Provide a sign up sheet so you’ll be able to add to your contact lists after the event.
  • After the event, blog immediately while the memories of the day are still fresh.
  • Share the excitement of this event, again using social media, so people who missed out will want to go to your next event.
  •  Don’t forget to tell everyone how to order your book after the event.

I hope this article will help you in your bookstore events.
Coming soon more information about the bookstore event for ZENOBIA - Birth of a Legend.

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