Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Book Review of “Northanger Alibi” by Jenni James

Claire Hart is obsessed with “Twilight” and so when she has an opportunity to go with family friends to Seattle for the summer she is ecstatic. She meets the Russo twins Tony and Nora and she thinks they are going to be weird but instead finds them very intriguing. The twins take them out on the town to show them the Seattle sites. Claire starts to recognize some weird similarities about Tony and “Edward.” Not only is Tony drop dead gorgeous but he keeps staring at her and answers things she is only thinking. Oh no he can read minds! Claire accidently touches his chest and he is like stone. When they go to the top of the Space Needle’s very expensive restaurant Tony doesn’t eat his food. Claire is convinced.

Cassidy, Claire’s older sister who was forced to come on this summer trip with Claire as a chaperone thinks Claire is completely crazy. Claire gives Cassidy “Twilight” to read so she can see for herself that Tony is a vampire. Cassidy doesn’t leave the house the rest of the trip while she is obsessed reading the whole “Twilight” series.

On a shopping trip with Nora, a tall, dark, mysterious man walks right up to Claire and kisses her. She is shocked but not completely turned off. When she finds out his name is Jaden Black and he’s from the Quileute Native American tribe Claire is sure she’s meet a real life werewolf. Tony acts jealous when he hears about the kiss. Claire who never dated back home and never had been kissed finds it very exhilarating to have two men fighting over her. Claire had no idea that coming to Seattle would put her in the middle of the Twilight saga.

LOL! I loved this story because I could relate to the obsession with “Twilight” and I loved that Cassidy started reading and couldn’t put down the series (been there done that.) Claire is young and naïve but you grow to adore her wild ideas. Claire is the youngest sister of Chloe who was the main character in “Pride and Popularity.” I love the spin off idea, this way we can hear a little tidbit about the characters we learned to love in previous books. This was a perfect adaption to Jane Austen’s story where a young girl leaves her small town and goes to a busy city. The character Catherine in Northanger Abbey let her imagination from reading get the best of her and it was a great similarity of Claire letting the Twilight story get mixed with her real life experiences.

 Bravo Jenni!  What a great idea taking something we can all relate too in our modern times and showing that the same issues were prevalent in 1790. This book made me snicker at my own obsession with Twilight.


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