Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Book Review of A Discovery of Witches

Discovery of Witches is a great story about two highly educated professors finding an old book and trying to find its meaning. Throwing the paranormal into the mix you have a very exciting tale. Diana is a witch, but since the death of her parents as a young child she has refused to embrace that lifestyle. No matter how much she pushes her witch skills aside it's very clear that her powers are special. When she is the only one who can open an important document it attracts all kinds of creatures. A very interested and sexy vampire, Matthew, who’s an Oxford professor, witches, and daemons all start coming out of the woodwork to see what Diana does. These creatures live among us with careers and are aware of each other but the one cardinal rule is they don’t mix with each other romantically. When Matthew brings it upon himself to protect Diana she quickly falls in love. The two can’t be together because it’s upsets the Congregation which is a council set up of vampires, witches, and daemons.

I enjoyed the love story and became Team Matthew! Diana is very interesting because she’s honest and straight forward. I love when they go to France to protect Diana from her own kind, the witches who are out to get her. I loved the castle they stay in, Matthew’s mom, their servant, and the horses they ride. It was all magical and lovely.  The relationship between Matthew and Diana grow quickly. The Congregation comes to put a stop to their growing relationship and threatens the lives of those they love.

Diana goes to spend time with her Aunts in New York to  better understand her kind. Her Aunt's house is alive and very temperamental with ghostly ancestors living there too. With some very exciting events the book ends with everyone having to go different ways. I look forward to finding out what happens in  book two, Shadow of Night, which will mix my two favorite genres, historical and paranormal. Deborah is an excellent writer and I think everyone who loves a good story will enjoy the series. 

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