Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Book Review – “Brightest Hour” a historical fiction novel by Ashley King

Catherine Martin is feisty and very rebellious for a girl from 18th century Philadelphia. She’s from a rich family and they have high hopes for her to marry the son of another very rich and affluent family. Catherine doesn’t like who they have chosen. Vincent may be handsome but Catherine has always felt something is not right about him. When Catherine meets the blacksmith’s son Elijah she instantly falls in love. They become best friends and even though they both feel something more for each other, they know society would never allow them to be together. When Catherine turns eighteen her marriage with Vincent is being arranged but she can’t go through with it, not only because of her love for Elijah but Vincent has changed and there is something very evil about him.
If you are a fan of Shakespeare’s forbidden love in “Romeo & Juliet” or enjoy Emily Bronte’s “Wuthering Heights” with a good twist, you will like this story. I cherished Elijah and his deep love for Catherine. I couldn’t stop reading the story until I found out how it all turned out.
However, for me, someone who reads to escape reality and loves fairy-tales with happy endings I was left unsatisfied.

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Ashley King is a graduate of The University of Georgia with a degree in English Lit. She started writing in 2nd grade when a teacher praised her use of the word “retort,” which was said by a cow in her story, mind you. She teaches 7th grade English and lives in a small town in Georgia. She married her college sweetheart and is the mother of 2 unruly, but sweet cats, Emma and Keats. She has a sweet tea addiction and an obsession of all things Jane Austen.
A Dream to Dream by Ashley King
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