Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hunger Games series

Has anybody else read the Hunger game series? A friend suggested i read it, so i did and loved it. I got everyone else in the family to read it. Then i read the 2nd book, Catching Fire and loved it until the end. I told everyone to stop reading the books. Why you ask if i loved it so much?

The 2nd book just left me hanging. i found the authors website it didn't feed my curiousity. It doesn't even mentions that she's working on the 3rd book. I was desperate for anything to connect with the author or the charactors, i was dissapointed. I understand as authors that we want to keep them reading and buying our next book, but does anybody else hate it when a book ends with a cliff hanger?

Don't get me wrong i'll be standing in line to get book 3.

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JulieWallace said...

I stand corrected after further review of Suzanne Collins website i did find one tidbit about book 3.
"At present, Suzanne is hard at work on the third book in her sci-fi series, The Hunger Games."