Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Be Social "Like", "Circle", "Follow", "Tweet", "Pin" and "Post"

Are you social enough? There are so many ways to reach your customers these days.

In Facebook we want people to “like” and "share"

Right now we have a contest for the 50th person to "like" us on Geodepress's Facebook they win a free book of ZENOBIA - Birth of a Legend. 

Google + we want our “circle” to grow we need “followers” 

Twitter you want people to “tweet” too.

So many social networks, so little time. 

Here is a great article I received from The Book Marketing Expert Newsletter.
The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter By
Even though they are speaking about Twitter the information below is very useful in all social networks.

“The key to remember with social media is that it’s about engagement.
The number one rule in social media when you are first starting out is to listen.
Most businesses start off by not listening and go straight into “talking”, promoting and pushing content. And most of those companies get very little use out of social media.
To start off on a good foot, search for keywords in your industry and see what conversations are happening. Listen to what people are saying about your brand; listen to what they’re saying about your industry. If you see a conversation that you can join, then do so. Don’t try to sell a product when you join a conversation, but rather provide value. You can do this by: Offering helpful answers (be as unbiased as possible), try to solve problems that your customers may have, and point people in the right direction (say if someone is looking for your returns policy).”

Here is another article on The Book Marketing Expert Newsletter by Patrick O’Keefe. I found it very interesting and it will broaden your social media even more.

“The social web is a big place. It’s always funny to me when I meet people who think it primarily consists of Facebook and Twitter. If you believe that, you really are missing a majority of the social web. It’s a lot bigger and more diverse than that.
Forums and structured, focused communities offer a great deal of value, representing a concentrated audience of the people that you probably want to reach. They are engaging now, around your company, your products and your industry. I’m not saying everyone should join a forum and start contributing, just that you should be aware of them as a legitimate, powerful platform. Engaging with individual forums should be a strategic option you consider, right alongside engaging with people on Facebook and Twitter. They are worth your consideration.”

Happy Socializing! 

*Reprinted from "The Book Marketing Expert newsletter," a free ezine offering book promotion and publicity tips and techniques.


Bryan Wheeler said...

Thanks Julie, as one who is looking to expand my message, I will be sure add these books to my reading list! I learned from FB that you are a's interesting that we probably wouldn't have connected were it not for social networks.

Bryan Wheeler

Julie Martin Wallace said...

Thanks Bryan. It is a crazy world how we are all connected now. I am a writer but I haven't been published yet, working on it. I'm helping my father n law promote his books about Zenobia a true historical character in the Roman times. I checked out your website very interesting stuff. You look great by way so whatever your doing must be really working. Thanks for stopping in and saying Hi.

Holly said...

Great information Julie - you are always my go to girl when it comes to learning what is the newest coolest way to make the e-net work for me! Thank you for being such a great researcher. Oh, and Zenobia was an excellent excellent book. Can't wait for book two to be published!