Monday, September 17, 2012

Book review of “Jane Austen and the Archangel” by Pamela Aares

Jane has moved to Chawton with her mom and sister Cassandra. Jane is in a terrible state of not being able to write her next novel and worrying over her friend Serena. Serena’s fiancé went to war in Spain and never returned. It’s been two years and her family is forcing her to move on and marry an awful man, Lord Rendin. As Jane receives a letters from Serena the letter carrier introduces himself as Michael Grace. There is something intriguing about him. When he arrives on Jane’s doorstep on a rainy day she invites in him for tea. She knows it’s improper but admits to herself that being near him overthrows all propriety. When Jane confides in Michael concerning her worries over her friends missing fiancés, he immediately assures her that he has connections in Spain that can maybe assist. Michael who really is an archangel doesn’t know why he is so drawn to help Jane and see her happy.  Jane goes to Serena’s place in Anderley to help her friend with a scheme to show the true character of Lord Rendin. As the plan unfolds, Jane finds herself facing truths that even her imagination couldn’t come up with. The lengths that Michael goes through to bring happiness to Jane even surprises him.

It’s a fascinating and brilliant love story.  As stated in the novel Jane admits, “She’d read about such things, had thought she knew what Dante and Shakespeare had meant when they’d penned their words about pure love, about love beyond imagining, love beyond words.  But she’d never had an inkling.”

Those of us who enjoy Jane Austen’s work sometimes feel a little sad for her as she wrote such beautiful love stories and in her real life its unknown if she ever found true love.  In “Jane Austen and the Archangel” we learn that she has loved deeper and stronger than most could ever dream of. A well crafted novel by Pamela takes us into a new world and gives us the peace of mind that Jane truly knew love. 

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