Friday, September 14, 2012

Book Review of Slayers by C.J. Hill

I’m a believer! Dragons really do exist.  After reading “Slayers” by C.J. Hill the storyline is plausible. Dragons may have disappeared but their return and attack on mankind is inevitable.  All the stories in medieval times that Dragons exist are not fables but true. What’s great about this book is its happening today right in your own town. Well this story takes place in Washington DC but no one is safe from the return of Dragons!

Tori a rich girl who always dreamt of dragons and obsessed over them being real found Dragon camp and this summer finally talked her parents into letting her go. She hoped it would help her figure out why she believed in dragons. She gets off on the wrong foot with the other campers as two good looking guys try to help her carry her heavy luggage she brought and she mistakes them for bell hops.  The other campers have been attending Dragon camp since they were 11 years old so they are tight-knit group.

Tori quickly learns two different camps are going on… the normal geeky people who are obsessed with mystical creatures and the advance Dragon camp where they have special powers and are actually training to kill these “mystical” creatures.  Dr. B who created this Dragon camp for the sole purpose to finding Slayers knows dragons are real first hand. His family had worked for a Dragon Lord, Overdrake. They could control dragons and wanted to use the power to control America. The Overdrake’s plan was to protect the dragon eggs that had been dormant for 150 years and as soon as they hatched they planned to attack and take control of the government. When the eggs were moved to Washington D.C. 17 years ago it activated the DNA of the descendants of the original knights who were Dragon Slayers. These kids all had special powers that only kicked in when a dragon were nearby. Tori didn’t know if she wanted any part of putting her life on the line.

Tori can’t help being attracted to Team Jesse with his tall, dark, and handsome features and Team Dirk with his blonde, blue eyes, and surfer boy attitude; really they are the “team” captains. That is how they train by competing against each other and they are very competitive. Tori’s way behind in training and very frustrated because she doesn’t know her purpose in the group. Her special power is she can hear what the dragon hears, which for now, as an egg is a heartbeat. How special is that?

This story is exciting and keeps you speculating what will happen next. Not everybody is who they claim to be and with their lives on the line they have to decide who they can trust.

Ryker is a side story of the boy who got away but I can’t wait until the second book when he finally joins the group and find out his powers. I believe he will be powerful and just what the other Slayers need to finally rid the world of Dragons.

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