Saturday, January 26, 2013

FREE BOOK giveaway and review of Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles by Ron Currie JR

     Wow! Talk about breaking the mold. This is the most unconventional book I've ever read. There are no chapters, no “quotations”, and some pages only have one paragraph or one sentence.  However, I ended up liking it in spite of all the weirdness. The writer is very passionate and even though it was told in an odd storytelling kind of way, it was grabbing. 
     The character Ron reminded me of Ernest Hemingway. Ron is a writer, a drunk, and bitter about love. The story jumps around a lot but the one invariable is Ron’s obsession over Emma; his high school sweetheart who came back into his life. Their love relationship is a little “Fifty Shades of Grey.”     
     At times things are very emotional, especially the stories about Ron’s father dying of cancer. It really broke my heart. Ron’s theories of Singularity were so random it became a comic relief.  Ron makes some really bad decisions in life. At one point I was cringing and warning Ron, “Don’t tell her! Don’t do it!” He didn't listen to me; I wanted to smack him in the head. In complete heartbreak Ron decides to end his life.
      The last half becomes a fast and intriguing read. Even though the randomness continues jumping around, I no longer noticed. An unusually story, presented in an unusual way, equals entertaining.

      Here's your chance to win your very own copy of Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles. Please make a comment below, add your email address so I can inform you if you won. A winner will be randomly picked on January 31st 2013 at midnight.

The book trailer made me laugh; it’s why I decided to review the book.

This book was giving to me by the publisher for an honest review, I received no compensation other than the book. 


jon stevens said...

Hey Julie, enticing review!

Ron is kind've a mentor of mine, so I've been looking forward to his new book for quite a while. Looks like it's shaping up to be a pretty eclectic read. Also, the Hemingway comparison is pretty apt--Ron has said he's one of his favorite writers.

My e-mail is: if I get chosen. But either way, glad his book is getting great publicity/good reviews!

Julie Wallace said...

Glad you liked the review.I'm going to have to read his others books. That is really cool about Ernest Hemingway.