Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How to pitch your book

How to pitch your book

By Arielle Eckstut & David Henry Sterry

The voice of the pitch should match the book voice. No elementary school book reports. Use your craft to get the pitch to move people. Record yourself doing your pitch. Get a team of supporters to help critique you. You’ll need a cheerleader and hater in your support group.

The word “journey” in pitches has been overused and agents hate it.

Don’t be plot heavy- ever detail seems important but it should be like a movie trailer. Generic words don’t tell us specifics, try to give specifics but don’t do a play by play.

Start with action. Use picture words. Give the big picture of the story.

Give comparable books that are like yours. Don’t say my book is the next harry potter.

Start blogging about your book early on. If you establish a good following you can mention that in your pitch as a reason why your book will sell.

A powerful title can sell the book. Use your SEO words. (Search Engine opportunity) A title that references something with the book may not be the best title. You want to provoke a reaction. Your Brand should show through.

Tell them who’s the hero? Who’s the Villain? You need to show the tension. Every word has to count. Use your skills as a writer. Don’t pitch just a set up of the story, you want to show the arch of the story and take to the cliff hanger and make them want more.

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