Sunday, February 26, 2012

Indie Author Publishing Conference 2012

 I'm going to post my notes from each class I took in a separate blog for the next couple of weeks. Here is the first class which was giving by the funniest and well matched couple I've ever been around. I hope this will help others who are wanting to launch their writing careers as much as its inspired me to continue down this fabulous road of becoming a successful published writer.

It’s a great time to be an author- by Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Terry.

Ask yourself- what is your platform? What is your ability to get an audience?

Blog every day, Writing is putting your passion into print. Figure out who your audience is and connect with them. Figure out who they are connected to and so on and so on.

Four traits to be a successful author-

1) Research- Do your homework before querying agents. Agents get mass queries all the time not in their field, or books already been done. Get to know your section in the bookstore. Read all who write in your category. Tell an agent they represent books like yours.

2) Networking –Network with everybody you know. Join writers groups to network with. If you’re referred to an agent let them know. Follow up is very important. (Cute story- David sent his book to an agent and called her once a month to see if she read it, for 9 months he called and finally he said he was going to be in NY and set up a meeting with the agent. This motivated the agent to read the book and this is how Arielle & David meet. They now have a child together, and a very successful writing career.)

3) WRITE every day, even for just 15-minutes a day. Have a set time to write.

4) Perseverance – Don’t let rejection stop you. People who keep going succeed. Learn something new each time you get a rejection letter. Make it better each time you get a critique. Feedback helps make it better. Deal with rejection gracefully.

Independent book sellers can really help assist in getting your book out there. Booksellers are professionals who you can actually speak to.

Getting great reviews from well know blogger does a lot in promoting your book.

Book Doctors is a good source

Acknowledgment section in a book of your genre is a great way to find an agent.

Create a competitive environment. Tell agents that you’ve got interest with other agents if someone has asked for your work. If there is one agent you really like, tell them you are giving them exclusive rights for two weeks and then you are sending it out to others. In the query tell agent that they represent (x) book and you love that book because (x). is a great website to tell you who agents are but make sure you also go to their website and find all you can about that agent.

Write up your dream agent list. Start with top agents of best sellers. Start big and then filter on down the list getting a good mixture down to small agents.

**don’t ever pay a reading fee to an agent. Agents generally will get 15% commission from your book.

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