Monday, May 7, 2012

Book review of "Attachments" by Rainbow Rowell


The story takes place right before Y2K. We are introduced to three characters; Beth & Jennifer are friends who work at The Courier together. Jennifer is a copy editor and Beth is a movie reviewer for the local paper. Lincoln is the IT guy that monitors the emails and sends warnings to those employees who are breaking the company rules about not emailing inappropriate stuff. This seems like an invasion of privacy and Lincoln hates that about his job. The employees at the newspaper know that someone could be reading their emails but Beth & Jennifer don't care. Lincoln finds he gets pulled into their lives as he reads emails they send back and forth. He feels he knows them on a personal level and wants to know them even better. Lincoln is attracted to Beth's personality and her witty ways. He likes her caring side as she helps her friend Jennifer, who's married and pregnant. Beth is involved with a non-committal guitarist in a local band. Lincoln doesn't think anyone is good enough for Beth, including himself.

I thought it was very clever how we got to read the emails back and forth between Beth & Jennifer and then Lincoln's thoughts on those emails. Lincoln is not your usual main character. He is an IT computer nerd, Dungeons and Dragons player on Saturday night, and still lives at home with his mom at age 28. He grows on you and the IT, D&D, nerd truly becomes the hero. This was a fun read and the characters felt like someone I would want to be friends with at the office.

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