Monday, May 14, 2012

No spoilers just a little teaser about Zenobia - Birth of a Legend.

How a writer develops and creates a story is very interesting, Russ Wallace shared thoughts on how he wrote Zenobia – Birth of a Legend and I thought I would share it with you.

 Let me explain how I wrote some of the first Zenobia book:
   “The action scenes required a vivid imagination. In the chapter where the lions attack, for instance, I asked myself, ‘What conditions would make the lions more threatening?’ The darkness of night. ‘How would Zenobia feel while peering into the darkness, straining to see the developing threat?’ Apprehensive. Of course, I tried to see and feel it myself, and then put it into words, pulling the reader into the scene. The description went on for several paragraphs. Then, ‘What would the attack itself be like? What tactics would the young warrior be likely to employ to try to survive?’
   “The historical chapters, that is, the real history, was easy to write, but the dialog was more challenging. Zenobia and her classmates and instructors discuss and dispute the whys, hows and meanings of history, as indeed we do today. Sometimes the conclusions are nebulous. And they take lessons from history.
   “I especially enjoyed developing the complex personality of Zenobia, who was one of the most dynamic women who ever lived. She wrestles with injustice, as we all should, but she learns that it is not as cut and dried as she could wish.
  “ Zenobia chaffs at the counsel she receives about a growing romantic attraction, while at the same time she reluctantly recognizes the wisdom her advisers are giving her – a typical teenage conflict between the heart and mind.
   “She loves the academic world, but she longs to be a warrior and fight injustice. She feels pulled in two directions. Can she have both? Hoping the answer is Yes, she postpones a decision. And so did I, until Book 2.”
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Great interview or whatever that is called. I really need to read this book ASAP