Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Romeo and Juliet tale in the Civil War times

Book review Beloved Enemy by Al Lacy

Jenny Jordan is from Virginia but moved to Washington for her father’s job. After his success in the Mexican war President Lincoln put him in charge of the Senate Military Committee. As the Civil war breaks out the Jordan’s find it difficult being proud southerners and living in the north. President Lincoln is impressed with Jenny, not only because she is beautiful but smart and he offers her a job as a receptionist at the White House.
When the Union troops were attacked by an angry mob on a train heading to Washington, all the wounded soldiers were taken to the Capitol. Jenny volunteered to help and when Corporal “Buck” Brownell carried one of the wounded into the rotunda, Jenny quickly came to assist. When Buck looked at Jenny their eyes locked together. Buck Brownell was a tough solider but at that moment he couldn’t remember his own name. He was captivated by her beauty. Jenny smiled sweetly and turned away to concentrate on her work. Buck asked her out and they instantly hit it off. Jenny’s father was against her getting involved with someone from the North. “Right now isn’t the time to fall in love,” her father warned. Jenny couldn’t help it; Buck was different than anyone she’d ever known. Colonel Jordan was in the perfect spot to become a Confederate spy and he needed Jenny to help. Jenny is terrified as the punishment of being caught as a spy is death by the firing squad. When Jenny is asked to bring classified information to the Southern camp she is torn between doing what her dad wants and following her heart. 

Al Lacy did a lot of great research. It was a history lesson along with a wonderful love story. Beloved Enemy was a thought provoking read as I learned about a war that separated our nation. You’ll have to read this Romeo and Juliet tale to find out if it’s a tragic ending or a happily ever after.

Al Lacy is an evangelist and author of more than one hundred historical and Western novels, including the Journeys of the Stranger, Angel of Mercy, and Mail Order Bride series, with more than three million books in print.

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I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review

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