Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Unveiling Age of Faith Series: Book One By Tamara Leigh

Revenge and True Love, all wrapped into a great story

Lady Annyn Bretanne was not very ladylike at all, at 14 she was as tomboyish as you can get. Her brother and Uncle are the only family members she has left.  She was distraught when Jonas was sent away to Knight training.

Baron Wulfrith’s father had raised him to believe women were trouble. When his tough, hard-hearted father passed away Wulfrith became in charge of the Knight training, where women were never allowed.

When young squire Jonas Bretanne dies and is brought back to him family Annyn is heartbroken. She doesn't believe Wulfrith’s story that her brother died an honorable death because she sees the rope burns on his neck. She vows to avenge her brothers death and trains for the next four years. When her Uncle dies, Duke Henry, the future King, plans to marry her off. She runs away and pretends to be a boy taking on the name of another young squire on his way to the training to become knight. Annyn looks the part of a boy and has been trained by her families guard Rowan. Nothing could prepare her for how hard Knight Training really is. When she comes face to face once again with Wulfrith she can’t wait to take her knife to him and once and for all revenge her brother’s murder.  Wulfrith surprises Annyn with kindness, justice, and fairness. He doesn’t fit the description of a cold blooded killer and she can’t help questioned everything.

The story is gripping and keeps you wondering. You’re worried the whole time when Annyn will get her revenge or will her true identity be revealed. When all is UNVEILED, there is much more to her brother’s death. You’d never think a beautiful love story would develop from all this action but it does. Not only is it a revenge story but about finding true love where you least expect it. Annyn doesn't act like a lady and defiantly is no one's property. She is different than most women of her time; A time when arranged marriages are made for profit instead of love. If her true love will have her, they will have to go against the future King's wishes.

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