Saturday, December 29, 2012


didn't meet my Goodreads goal of 50 books read this year, which seems crazy since I feel like I’m always reading. I have compiled a list of my favorite reads for 2012. Three of the books are not shown in the picture above are eBooks. I’m just barely getting into the world of reading eBooks and it’s a great find. Enjoy my list of favorite books.

You have read 34 books toward your goal of 50 books. 

Yes, I know it should be top ten. I tried and tried to eliminate 5 books but I couldn't  They are all “must reads” and ones I will read over and over again. They are in order that I read them this year not in order of favoritism.

Without further ado, here are my picks for best reads this year:
  1. Dangerous Favor (book-review-Dangerous-favor)
  2. City of Lost  Souls (book-review-city-of-lost-souls)
  3. Pride and Popularity (book-review-pride-and-popularity)
  4. Northanger Alibi (book-review-of-northanger-alibi)
  5. Midnight in Austenland (book-review-of-midnight-in-austenland.)
  6. Slayers (book-review-of-slayers)
  7. Jane Austen and the Archangel (book-review-of-jane-austen-and-the-archangel)
  8. Erasing Time (book-review-of-erasing-time)
  9. Eona (book-review-of-eona)
  10. Eragon (book-review-of-eragon)
  11. Dreamspell (book-review-of-dreamspell)
  12. The Darlings ( book-review-darlings)
  13. The Unveiling (the-unveiling-age-of-faith-series)
  14.  Persuaded (book-review-persuaded)
  15. Emmalee (book-review-of-emmalee)
Here are my prized possessions, my bookshelf.


Jen B. said...

Hey Julie, Why is the Divergent series among those!

Julie Wallace said...

I haven't read that one. did you like it? Ill put it on my list to read.

Julie Wallace said...
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Jen B. said...

Love it, Love it!! Third book comes out this fall. People compare this series to Hunger Games.

Julie Wallace said...

Thanks Jen, I liked Hunger Games except for the end of the last book. I've heard others mention Divergent so I'll pick it up for sure.