Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Book Review of Amethysts and Arson by Lynn Gardner

When Allison married Bart, she knew theirs would be no ordinary marriage. Bart works undercover for Interpol’s anti-terrorist agency, Anastasia, and Allison is already more familiar with danger and near death than she’d like to be. Now this intrepid and charming duo encounters their most challenging mystery yet.

Bart’s uncle, an arson investigator, has been receiving anonymous and mysterious clues to crimes planned but not yet committed. Allison and Bart must call upon all of Anastasia’s resources to stop this madman from killing hundreds of innocent people and destroying a dozen significant historical sites out of some twisted and unexplainable drive for revenge. A dozen bombs have been hidden in sites across the southern United States, and in a race against time, Allison and Bart must find and disarm them before they explode. Can they do it?

I had the great opportunity to meet Lynn Gardner and take a class by her.(See post for my notes on ANWA class by Lynn Gardner.) 
After reading her book Amethysts and Arson I want to take the Lynn Gardner "deep south" tour of all the great places her characters Allison and Bart visited. They were in hurry to save beautiful historical buildings and museums from being leveled by a madman. They rushed through these tourist spots but you really feel like you were there. If you read my notes from her class you'll find that Lynn does her best research by going to the places her characters visit. On Lynn's website I found out that she indeed visited all these places in her book. "Research for this book took me solo six thousand miles, from coast to coast, through sixteen states." You can tell she was really there by the description of every place. There was plenty of mystery and intrigue through-out the whole book. Allison is spunky and smart but very accident prone. Her husband Bart is sweet and very in love with his wife. During all this life and death events we experience the struggles of a newly married couple and the decision of bringing children into an uncertain world. This is my kind of book, plenty of mystery and action but a great love story. 

Lynn has written many books and they are all going on my to read list. 

Check Lynn's website for a full list of her novels at

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