Wednesday, March 28, 2012

CONGRATULATIONS TO ELISHA SIMMONS, JUSTIN MARTIN, and TRASI ALBRIGHT!! You won the free book giveaway of ZENOBIA - Birth of a Legend. Happy reading!  

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Move over Bella and Katniss here comes ZENOBIA!
If your looking for your next obsession after Twilight and The Hunger Games, might I suggest ZENOBIA. As a true historical figure, I think she is someone we can look up to and champion. 

As promised here is my The Hunger Games movie review.

At the midnight showing we had a lot more men then we ever do at the Twilight midnight showings. Go figure! It's an action show and not so much of a love story. The movie was fast paced and if you haven't read the book the little hints might go right over your head. My suggestion would be to read the book or see the movie more than once to catch it all. I thought Jennifer Lawrence did a great job as Katniss. We spent a lot of time in the capital and getting ready for the games. I was nervous they were going to turn book one into two movies. I think they did a great job casting and really enjoyed seeing characters come to life. Peeta grows on you just like he does in the book. My favorite part in the book gets down played in the movie and I missed that. I can't tell you what part that is as its a big spoiler alert. The killing scenes are blurry to avoid having to make it "R" rated but you get the gruesome point. This movie really hits home on what happens when the government gets to much power. The rich keep getting richer and the poor become entertainment for them. It is a sad futuristic story of what could happen after war. I wasn't disappointed at all. They stayed with the book very closely and what they changed I didn't care. I would recommend seeing it as its the next blockbuster movie and you don't want to get left behind. 
I went to a couple Twilight sites and they were all talking about the reason why The Hunger Games did so well, they feel  it's because of the hard core Twilight fans. I agree. It wasn't until Stephenie Meyer mentioned the book on her website that I read it. I gave it to my sister, mom, husband, and nephew to read and they all liked it. I think everyone has been looking for the next obsession after Twilight and The Hunger Games feeds that need. I can't say Twilight and The Hunger Games are anything like each other. It's not a team Peeta vs team Gale kind of movie. Its more of a powerful girl story. Bella vs Katniss. Of course now that Bella is a vampire. Katniss would have creamed Bella pre-vamp. 
Anybody else see the movie? What did you think? 

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Simmons Family said...

Thanks for the review! Shaun and I can't wait to see it. I even got him to read all the books and he is not a book reader and he loved them! Hope we get to see it soon!