Sunday, March 4, 2012

Working with bookstores and libraries

Gayle Shanks Owner of Changing Hands Bookstore
Thank you ladies at CHB for running a wonderful bookstore that readers and authors can find what we love!
Cindy Dach co-owner of Changing Hands Bookstore

Working with bookstores and libraries; By Dana Braccia, Kathleen Sullivan, Gayle Shanks, and Cindy Dach

When a potential reader picks up your book you have 3 seconds to get them to buy your book. The blurb on the back has to be catching. The title and graphic design of the book is what will make the reader even pick it up.

If you self publish make sure you have it look like a book. Make sure you have authors name and title of book on the side, when it sits on a bookshelf you have to be able to see it.

You have to have an ISBN to get into libraries for cataloging.

Dana Braccia- Scottsdale library has a program for reading local authors. Download submission form. Once you are cataloged into the Scottsdale library your book is available at all Maricopa libraries.

Kathleen Sullivan – (Phoenix library) the libraries don’t have the time or employees that can host a book signings or reading at their facilities. You can rent a room on your own and promote your own book signings.

Gayle Shanks – suggests that you send her a one page query. Changing Hands Bookstore has a great program for self published writers to get your book in front of the many readers that shop at CHB.

Cindy Dach – (co owner of CHB and previous marketing manager) Suggest to take advantage of the LOCAL AUTHOR PROMOTIONAL PACKAGE - for $100 we will feature your book for one calendar month in a display at the front of the store next to our Staff Picks case, putting your book in front of hundreds more potential readers. Cindy also suggested, take a picture of you and your book at the bookstore and post it on Facebook, it’s a great way to market and motivate friends and family to go buy your book.

Being an author its 40% writing and 60% marketing.

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