Thursday, March 1, 2012

Intro to digital publishing

Digital publishing is the future and these guys are riding the wave. Evo Terra & Jeff Moriarty – Introduction to digital publishing.

5 phases of digital publishing: writing, editing, publishing, promoting, and interacting.

1.      Writing-

He said, she said in digital form is very annoying, don’t over use it.

Pacing – move it along

Know thy genre- read it to know it

Who is excelling in your genre? Follow them.

Ask yourself. What are things I’m doing and need to stop doing them? Things I’m going to start doing? and things I’m going to continue to do?

2. Editing

You should establish First readers and they should be non family or friends.

There are many tools to finding an editor. Collaborate with your editor, Skype with them.

Graphic designer is needed for your cover. Keep your brand the same on your book cover.

3. Publishing - pick one online company to work with and learn all you can about them.

Price your book at a price that will move your books. Free version of your book can get new readers.

4. Promoting

Promote yourself. Update your blog with a progress of your book. Book tours- visit as many bookstores as you can. Podcast for virtual book tours. “Bumrush the charts.” Get your family and friends to buy all at the same time and that will get you on the charts.

Reward your fans with giveaway and contests. Build 1,000 rabid fans. Have your community work for you. Don’t forget the power of email. Collect fan emails. Fans are invaluable resource.

Draft a plan for promoting yourself. Tie everything together- Brand name.

5. Interacting

Fish, where your fish are is a good website to find readers.

Decide how much you want to share of yourself with fans. Deal with feedback.

Find 3 communities to interact in. Engage with fans not just to sell your books.

Follow trailblazers.

Google + has a hang out place where you can host free discussions. Evo & Jeff have a “Beer and Book” event every Thursday at 7pm. Join in for the fun.

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