Monday, October 15, 2012

Book Review of book two in the Three Sisters Island

In the series, Three Sisters Island, book two is my least favorite book because of the main character Ripley. I liked getting to know more about Nell and Zach's life together from book one. But Ripley is a tom-boy cop, who has a major chip on her shoulder. I don't mind a tough women but she was right down nasty. She threw adult temper tantrums for no reason.  Mac, who was rich and extremely smart, pursued Ripley even though she made it clear she wasn't interested. He took all kinds of crap from Ripley and nothing stopped him, which to me wasn't realistic at all.  I do like Nora’s writing and I guess not every character she writes will always be lovably and wonderful. I enjoyed reading about the Three Sisters Island located on the east coast.  I craved clam chowder and all kinds of wonderful soups as I read.  Cafe Book is just the kind of wonderful place you’d want to hang out with a great book while eating Nell’s delicious homemade soup and don’t forget her dessert.  Now on to the third book in the series; Mia is a strong, beautiful, the owner of Cafe book and it’s her time to shine.

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